Here is what some customers had to say.


From: Charles Shultz

"It just can't stop winning! Every morning I wake up to pure profit.
My account is following a similar trend as yours, I like that :)"


From: Jack Magnus

"$153 my first day, $201 my second, $176 my third... Looking
forward to more of this lol. Thanks for a superb product!"


From: Tony

"Hi Support,
I have been trying the EA since 28th Sept which has more than doubled the Demo account on starting balance of $10000,om a
margin leverage of 1:500. I am very pleased with the EA. It is the
best i have come accross by far."


From: Loren

"Well I was brave and put Forex Hacker on my $2000 live account
and after 4 days I am at $3600!!! this EA is insane!!
Am running 40 pip start, 40 pip profit and 1.9 booster"


From: Mark Yang

"Your ea is amazing!!! It has been working exactly as shown on your mt4stats accounts."


From: Oscar Nitoni

"This thing is pure gold! God bless forexhacked! Thank you for releasing such a reliable ea. I was starting to get very discouraged
with this 'forex robot' market. I guess it's true that good things do come to those who wait."


From: Tim Ryerson

"Your results are very impressive and I am very happy to say that so far my results have closely mimicked yours. It has been trading very very nicely since I first installed it. The instructions were great too because I didn't know exactly what I was doing at first. Glad I found your site! I hope this can keep up!"


From: Kyle Tompson

"I was skeptical at first, as I have been pretty unlucky with these
things in the past. I went through FAP Turbo, Mega-droid, Ivybot
and a few others with little to no success. The results you guys showed were unreal, and with all the great reviews, how I
could I say no this time? I said YES, bought it, and literally within seconds of installing it, it started trading! A few days later,
pure profit!


From: Adrian Polaski

"Great EA you guys have here! My results so far have been
fantastic. I would have to agree, you have hacked forex lol! Here is
my mt4stats link for you guys to use on your testimonials page if you want. Cheers and thank you!!!"


















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Forex Hacked v 2.3 Trend Reversing Feature


With this new update, Forex Hacked is now equipped with an all new Trend Reversing Feature. When a market goes against you, the Trend Reversing Feature holds onto those profits rather than closing out the trade for the possibility that the market comes back. When in action this feature has the ability to make profits unheard of. This is just another way that Forex Hacked is continuing to advance and maintain their tremendous EA.



Forex Hacked Setting The Bar Higher!


Forex Hacked has been on the market for a while now and is still out performing any other EA trying to compete with it. The consistancy of this EA even through the roughest of times makes it that much better than any other EA. Hundreds in a day, thousands in a week! The sky is the limit with this one of a kind forex robot. You may be thinking to yourself, heres another lie but, this is no LIE! Forex Hacked is backed 100% by live real time trading results. Check out Forex Hacked Results.

My story.

About a year ago I came in contact with the owners of Forex Hacked while I was applying to do beta testing for different forex robots. I was accepted by the Forex Hacked Team and began my testing in September of 2009. Forex Hacked was dominating the market pulling in unbelievable profits everyday maintaining it's floating trades at par. This is when I began to realize that I could have possibly landed on a gold mine. I still wasn't sure about Forex Hacked as EVERYONE makes their EA's look extremely appealing with good demo results / backtests and then lure you into buying them. I have learned from experience that backtests and strategy tests are all lies. They are ALL fabricated results. Seeing how Forex Hacked was performing on demo accounts and having live proof that it can be profitable, I decided to go live with it. Since December 2009 until today I have made about $40,000 profit! I have posted my account on MT4 Live Stats for you to see for your self.

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Forex Hacked v2.2 Breakdown.

Forex Hacked will be profitable right out of the gate. You may need to change your minimum lot size depending on the type of account/broker your on, but other than that it's completely hands-free. Forex Hacked has the most outstanding results I've come across in all the EA's I have tested. Here are the features that make it so profitable:

TakeProfit – The amount of pips to close trades at. By default 132 has shown to be the most conservative and safest value.

PipStarter – This is the amount of Pips for the price to move against an open trade before the EA will open another against the trend with a higher lot size. The DEFAULT 170.

Booster – 2.3 DEFAULT - The booster is used to multiply the lot size of progressive trades against a trend until the price retraces the takeprofit amount. Raising this = higher risk, lowering this with the default settings will result in lower risk, but more losses more often.

MaxBuyOrders – The max amount of open BUY orders allowed.

MaxSellOrders – The max amount of open BUY orders allowed.

StartHour – The starting hour of each day you want Forex Hacked to start trading. By default, Forex Hacked is set to trade 24 hours of the day, so GMT offsets are irrelevant!

StopHour – The hour of each day you want Forex Hacked to stop trading.

StartingTradeDay – The day of each week you want to start trading. 0 = Sunday, 6 = Saturday. By default it will trade from Sunday to Friday.

EndingTradeDay – The day of each week to stop trading. Some people don’t like opening trades on Friday’s, so if you set this to 4, Forex Hacked will then stop trading on Fridays.

Slippage – The amount of pips the price is allowed to slip from the original signal Forex Hacked wanted to trade, to the amount the price has slipped to when the trade can actually be opened. By default 3 the best option.

StopLossPct- **WARNING** we recommend leaving this 50% or higher so the EA has room to breathe and a chance to open enough trades in a strong trend. Setting this too low could result in very poor performance!!! This is a percentage (%) based stoploss. If you set this to say 50, then if your drawdown in open trades ever reaches 50%, ALL open trades at that time will automatically be closed.

SupportECN – If your on an ECN broker type, you will need to have this set to TRUE. If your not on an ECN broker, you can leave this as TRUE but you may experience faster trade execution if you set it to FALSE.

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    Live results.

    I have received word that MT4 Stats is currently down. I have converted to MT4 Live to publish my stats. MT4 Live is the exact same as MT4 Stats besides the name. They allow Forex Traders to publish their live stats for others to see. The Forex Hacked team has also resorted to MT4 Live to publish their stats and you can see more live tests results for Forex Hacked on the Forex Hacked website.






Why MT4 Live?

Fake and fabricated results are becoming more and more common throughout the forex robot market. Modified backtests, photoshopped equity curves, fake forward tests... It ends NOW with MT4Live

What is

MT4Live is a reputable third-party site that has the ability to publish your account history when linked together in real-time. So this means no more fabricated results. What you see is what you get, you can't beat MT4Live, and that is all we use to show our proof! You can setup your own account free, it's easy.

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Forex Hacked In The Future.

Forex Hacked has a bright and promising future. The results are only getting better and the feedback from customers is outstanding. The Forex Hacked team is truly committed to this robot and feel that they can further improve this already remarkable EA. This is where the others went wrong! There are tons of EA's that are thrown on the market everyday with no intention to actually help you MAKE MONEY, they just want to TAKE YOUR MONEY. They toss up a massive sales page, some fabricated back tests and add in some special offers and take advantage of you. They are just there to make a quick buck. Let me save you the frustration and let you in on Forex Hacked. You won't regret it!

My guarantee.

Dont miss out on this revolutionary EA. Its not often that something like this comes around and stays around. Pick it up now and I guarantee if you run the right settings according to your account size and broker, that you will make money. If not you have a 30 day money back garuntee. How can you go wrong?

My special offer.

Along with my winning settings, I will be providing everyone who purchases Forex Hacked through any one of my links my personally created Forex Robot and scalper settings! What more can you ask for? Buy one get two free! Just Send me an email with your receipt and I will send you my Forex Hacked settings and my EA.

My Discount.

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Michael Dostiz